Ever looked to the heavens and wondered, what's out there? This is a question that mankind has strived to answer since the beginning of time. Through the centuries, astronomer priest have kept track of the celestial bodies that surround our world in an attempt to better understand our universe. What they failed to know, was that there is much more to the universe than they could have ever dreamed.

Exploring our universe is essential to the understanding of our own world as well as what is around us. Each piece of information gives us a greater insight into the formation of our own world and what may occur in our future. It gives us the opportunity to discover new life or places that could sustain our own expanding population.

Today, thanks to recordings of the past and the technologies of our current time, we have a much better understanding of our solar system. But even then our great amount of knowledge is only the tip of the iceberg and there is so much more that we have yet to learn. New information becomes available every day as scientist keep a close watch on the skies.

Everything from planets to asteroids, comets to dwarf planets, even the different regions of our own solar system is being explored. Learn how Venus gives us a glimpse of our own possible future or the programs in place for the colonization of planets such as Mars. Discover how gas giants protect us from danger while moons such as Europa could contain life. Knowledge is power when it comes to the universe, and that information is here.

In this site, we have gathered together what is currently known about our solar system and all that it contains from the planets to the Kuiper Belt. Updates occur frequently as new information from current projects such as the Juno project for Jupiter comes in.